Long story short, I met this girl during summer school at a school program and she asked me where I was from and I neg her in front of everybody. After the program we bumped into each other on campus and I casual opened her and left in the middle of the discussion as if I had places to be and I was late.

The irony That we ended up working together on campus as peer tutors. She hooked me up couple with books and I never really talked to her on the job because all the other guys were drooling over her and she always found herself surround by thirsty AFC.

Towards the end of summer school, we ended up alone one day at the office, which I used to my advantage and ran the cube on her. Hit couple of home runs and could see her eyes light up and she looked at me different from that point on. Number closed and never contacted her until recently (3 months later). And this is how it went:

--> Hey there crazy visual thinker, came across your numb tryin to wish friends happy labor day!! so there you are, happy LD!! 10.30pm
<-- thank you *3.25 am*
--> Party girl, where you've been hiding, haven't bumped into you yet. 6.30 pm
<-- Hey. I transferred to xx state for nursing school. How are you tho? How's xx university? 8.30pm
--> Booo... I should spank you when I see you for leaving the tigers! Went to PR and learned palm reading (was going to reveal secret#2 about you). 9.15pm
<-- Lmao. I thought u were leaving too? Aren't u transferring to ga tech 9.17pm
--> was running from you, now that you left I can stay . since you seem to know so much about me, what's my favorite food then 9.22pm
<-- Lol I only know what you told me and that was hardly anything. 9.25pm
--> And that's another "L" for you. you're on your 2nd strike, lol and you know what happens on the 3rd X.
<-- and what's that?
--> it's PG-13. My fav food is banna pudding
<-- you're crazy.

*one week later* (today)
--> I think I just save this woman's life at work. Start feeling like a superhero today, thinking about getting me a cape now :-) 7.30 pm
<-- Lol what?? 8.51pm
--> Yea, I'm awesome sauce. Did anything interesting since last we talked 10.22pm
<-- No how did u same a women's life at work? 10.29pm
--> Don't know if I can trust you with this info yet.You tell me some I don't already know about you and maybe I'll tell you. 10.59pm
<-- Ok. Hate txting conversations and I don't like to converse to much during the week. How about i call u Friday 11.01pm

Don't really know how to feel about that last text about her not liking text convo. (first girl in ages that don't like texting). Do you guys see something I don't?