first off she is one of my managers. while i was at work with her the other day she completely put down what she was doing so i complimented her that she had one of the best personalities i know. anyway later that day we actually texed just a little bit.

i sent her a pic of a starbucks inhaler because she has starbucks every day. she was also sick and tired. i texed

me: you might need this lol

her: yessssssss

me: lol how is studying going or did you just wake up from nap time

her: im still in class lol

me: why would you sign up for like a 3 hour class

her: all grad classes r 3 hours lol

me: that sounds terrible! how have you not passed out yet Zzzz

her: thats why im getting sick lol .... im so run down

me: oh i thought it was just because your immune system sucks lol you need some sleep

what should i improve on? and what should i of done? i know it wasnt the best but it is still better than not texting at all.