So you finally got her to be your girlfriend or the relation is on your terms barely...maybe not or yh.Mostly it may be on your terms, making sure your girl is comfortable..etc.

You may not see her all the time?
Yep as a pua that you are, you may have something you are truly passionate about.think what motivates you.have a direction you are going with your life.not to say you may not have but let it be clear to you like rapping or dancing, surfing or playing video games.get in touch with these things .once you are in touch with these and truly love them you will find your self less needy and mostly importantly going after something you love which is such a good careful once you get in touch with this too much you may not want to..

Be social
It is easy to let your self go and cringe when you have a few options going for you and decide to drop the pua stuff all together.its a skill that may be worked on.don't beware talking to other girls.EVER.infact bet you've been active and already have female friends so to speak whether you have or don't keep training if you helps build your social skills and overall life.

She may want to hang most times or maybe not?:
There are some girl who would almost call you all the time , may secretly keep tabs on you(they openly admit), act jealous, throw tantrums or constantly try to figure out where they are at with you.however you handle this is up to you but be FAIR.don't not go AFC but don't be mean...terms may be set right from the on going so she knows a bit what to expect.It best as a pua to set the terms for these so you could manage your time with them.infact it best to have structures built in.Don't bother if she is reserved.remember always LEAD

Never Lean in
Your new found girl this goes for one itis etc. is not your emotional pillar sort ok in some dynamics to share your hopes fears and dreams but resist the urge to do these things frequently.few deep talks initialy are could shift you focus on other things that garner attraction.that may be the reason why you got there in the first place. know you knoe the game almost never ends.

Avoiding jealousy?
The only cure to your jealousy is having more attractive women in your life etc.Don't focus on her reality too much.if the world is full of men and women bet she might even say to another guy excuse me so she may pass if he is in her that not talking to another guy..have women you desire in your life and don't be too focused on that.sometimes in some dynamics nothing has happened yet.have i being jealous ..yep a few times especially when i met the love of my life again and she had another man as in by judging i could tell sort of.she agreed to let me hang out with her.they got into a fight later and it ended.but if one is focused on that too much it could slow your unaffected.focus more on..

Keep Being the attractive guy in your life
Yep you heard me.surround yourself with things that you love.make few changes in your life if you may, it could be your looks(seriously they don't really matter), outlook in life.working more on game.anything.nothin g far fetched though.When you engaged in things you enjoy doing this has nothing to do with passion you feel good about your self.when your in a good state this can easily be transferred onto target which when combined with a few elements would make you illuminate and bleeding with awesomeness...