So I set up a date, it's going to be tomorrow. Till this point I almost only learn about how to approach and pick up chicks in bars, but what about the first date?

I know it should be casual, I have to be cocky & fun just like I was when we met and text (we met at a bar, phoned and text once since then) - but is there any part of the Mystery method I should carry on? I guess I should tell stories, some routine and stuffs (dhv), but what else? Should I neg her? Let her qualify herself to me? Or these things doesn't belong to tha dating part?

Can you guys give me some advice? I though we could go to have a coffee or something, and than move to a bar to have a drink maybe. I'm ready to controll and still be the alphamale - that's how i #closed and set up the date.

Other question: should i still text her, build some attraction, excitement before the date? We met Wednesday, I called her and talk about setting up the date on Friday, and on Sunday, I texted her, and we sat up the date on textes. Should I write her before the game, drop some texting routine?