I have been around reading for a couple of months but I decided to register and ask you guys for your advices concerning a particular situation that happened to me this weekend.

So, I met this girl working at my gym, talked to her a bit when I saw her there, but no sexual Tension at that time, I was in a relationship and didn't put too much effort in it when I saw her. She seemed to like me and after dumping my ex, I decided to try taking it to another level. After my gym session, I went to see her at her desk, and said straight that I wanted to take her out for diner, and asked her when she was free to do so. She seemed surprised, but she said that she would told me as soon as she knew when she was working next week. Two days later, I met her at the gym again and I gave her my phone number, 45 minutes after I left, she texted to give me her number and asked how my gym session had been.

During the next week, she txted me asking to go out for a coffee instead, told her no problem but I'd rather have a drink. Setted up the date and I met her this past Saturday. Date went great, came up with high value, had her smiling and laughing all night, talking about her and stuff. Didn't try to touch her tough, might have messed up there, but I did negged her lightly during the night. No kiss close try at the end, I see potential in this girl and I didn't wanted to be to much aggressive on the first date. She said a couple of times things like "As I would get to know her, I would understand that she was this way or that way". The mood was great and I did told her that I would take her out to do somehting that we discussed about this night, she didn't said anything negative, she seemed to find it funny. Went home after this, didn't txted her to do follow up this night or the day after, don't know if it was a mistake or not...

Now, I texted her two day after. Told her that I had a good time with her and it would be nice to see her next weekend. She didn't anwsered yet, but I know she isn't the sms addicted kind of girl. We almost never txted excepted to set our date up. What are your thoughts, what's my next move? I dont have much free time during my week, can't hit the gym to go flirt with her or anything...

* Sorry about my english, not my first language, still learning!