Met a girl, we ended up making out and heavy petting. I ask for number, she is "I lost my phone". I'm like "You got a bf?", she is "No, nothing like that" She says she has facebook, I'm thinking "What?".

So we go back and forth, finally I bust out my smart phone and she searches and finds herself on facebook and I invite her. The next day she accepts. She doesn't send a message. No big deal, she was a little drunk when we met.

BTW, I creeped her FB and she posted a few weeks ago, before we even met that she lost her phone, so that part is legit.

I message her the next day, saying "Hey Hott Stuff, when are you free this week?" She replies, "I'm busy with work and school, not free until weekend."

I don't feel she is blowing me out, but I wanna stay alpha and keep the masculine energy. I feel this is a shit test.

I get she is busy and I like that. She has purpose and isn't dropping everything to meet up with some dude she kissed a bit at a bar.

It's my reply I'm thinking about.

I'm thinking of "Hey my weekends are pretty busy, when you get some time during the week, get back to me"

"My weekend is booked, I was hoping to see those sweet lips before then."

I don't like this whole communicating through FB. I don't even add girls I meet to FB, unless we get a little serious. She can see my profile, and that takes away all the mystery of who I am.

Any suggestions Bro's?