So long story short after a successful night of number catching I was leaving one club on route to another with some buddies. Cabs were in high demand that night and I noticed a solid 8/10 trying unsuccessfully to grab one. After some back and forth I offered her to jump in with us and we could drop her off at another bar she was heading too in order to meet up with some friends as it was on route anyways. She obliged and hoped in. I ended up getting her number that night (Saturday) and waited till Monday to shoot her a note.

I am a tad confused how to proceed for a few reasons.

a) she responds to my messages instantly. Like sometimes I wait 20-30 min to an hour. But she is on the ball within 2 minutes. I see this as an ioi. Or OCD chick attached to her phone, but lets go with IOI.

b) She is giving sh1t tests to me. Not sure if serious, I don't think they are for reasons I'll explain later.

c) Closed ended responses such as just "LOL"

So here is the convo via text and commentary:

Monday night:

Me: Hello here Ms. HB8. It's CowTown from Bar-X. How was the rest of your night at Bar-Y?
Her: It was good...Did we share a cab?
Me: Hahaha, sure did. A tad foggy?
Her: Lol. I'm not very good with names.
Me: Not to worry, nor am I. Thank god for phones.

***We work in the same industry. She is still articling, I have completed that and am full time. So had a bit of back and forth about that. Busy season is a term used in our industry because people are stupid busy.

Me: You must be pretty pumped for busy season coming up
Her: Hey now. Do you want a new friend lol
Me: Are you asking for a job, or asking me out?
Her: Lol. Actually, I was saying it would be nice to continue talking. Bugging me about busy season already. Jeeze
Me: I have to bug you. I'm on the other side. It's a rule to harass you firm rats
Her: So now I am a rat? lol
Me: Oh here we go...
Her: What do you do for fun Mr. Cool?
Me: But I'll give you a pass. I will have to think up a special name for you
Me: Ya I'm not actually offended. But I am intrigued with these special names.

***I screwed up here...Should have given her a pet name to make it more personal. sh1t.

Me: For fun, well let me tell you I am a pretty fun guy.
Her: Lol. Well ok, I will have to keep that in mind.
Me: Different things. Out and about, snowboarding, wakeboarding etc. How about you HB8?

***Screw up #2. Should have been playful and said like Lion taming or something.

Her: Snowboarding, basketball, swimming, camping. All good.
Me: Wow busy girl! You get out camping much this year?
Her: Ya a few times. Never as much as I want
Her: I'm off to bed. Have a good night
Me: Sleep tight.
Me: You seem fun. We should go for a drink sometime.
Her: Ya maybe. Could be fun
Me: "Maybe" hey? I'll take that as a yes
Her: Lol

End Convo #1

So screwed up a couple times here. But she knows I'm interested and I decided to leave it at that and let it sink in. Get back to her in a couple days.

Thursday night:

Me: HEY YOU! Guess what?
Me: That's not a guess
Her: Lol. Well I am a ******. Aka, not creative
Me: Hahaha. Oh come on. I am a ****** too. Are you calling me boring?
Her: Lol maybe. Thoughts?

***sh1t test #1

Me: My thoughts...I take that as a challenge to prove you wrong.
Her: Lol. I don't know, they say first impressions are lasting. Thoughts?

***sh1t test #2. I say this because it was literally a 2 minute interaction, in which I convinced her to hop in a cab with a bunch of random guys and got her number after chatting her up. In my mind it was solid.

Me: And what were your first impressions exactly? If I recall we were both a tad tipsy.
Her: Lol. Yes we were.
Me: That wasn't an answer
Me: And I know "they" say that. But I figure I'd give you a second chance

***Attempt to pass sh1t test #2

Her: Lol. Me a second chance...You should count yourself lucky to have had a first. Thoughts?

***A feisty one. But she wants a response with the "thoughts" comment. She likes the attention I think.

Me: Yes, a second chance. And let me tell you, you're not making it easy..."non-creative" ****** and all.
Her: Lol

End Convo #2

So I am confused how to proceed. I think we had a pretty flirty back and forth going. She could have done better in some places, but tried to neg her. Got a reaction so that's good. And seems she is happy to chat with me with the use of "lol" all the time. However the downside is twice now she just leaves it as that, unsure how to respond. And a tad confused if she is politely trying to say uninterested, but I really don't think so otherwise she just wouldn't respond.

Met her last Saturday. It is now Friday. I am super busy this weekend so couldn't meet up with her even if I wanted to. I was thinking one more back and forth text session, and then go for a meet-up next week. Just unsure how to proceed.

Help me out boys.