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    Default Need help with response(s)

    Hello, these have been coming up quite frequently and I never have a good response for them and I'm sick of it hence I'm here hoping y'all can help me out!

    1) A girl asks what you think of her breasts or when she's naked she says do you like?

    Currently I say: Hold on. Let me get another drink or Put your fishing rod away I see you fishing for compliments or I like the right one but the left one needs to work out more.


    2) A girl asks my name and I say Brad Pitt, and then she says 'ok, I'm Angelina Jolie then.' What's something funny I can say. And since she's currently Angelina jolie how can I tease her?


    3) I asked a girl how old she is and she said 'how old do you think I am?' I said '61, 62, but I've been known to underestimate at times.'
    and she said 'nope but close... I'm age 69.' or something along those lines this has happened to me twice this week so is there anything funny I can say if a girl says she is age 69?


    4) I was showing a girl pictures, we were having a great time tears were literally coming out of our eyes we were laughing so hard. She says 'next', and I continue and it went down hill from there happened two days ago and I'm still beating my self over it... So guys how can I all of a sudden stop showing the pictures and build intrigue without coming off as an a-hole. I want to say to her 'OK, picture time!' I want her to get so excited she begins jumping up and down and clapping her hands.

    I know when I was thinking about this in the car, I had 6 oh well thanks guys I hope you can help me out. If I can get some good lines for these it would really sky rocket my confidence!

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    Default Re: Need help with response(s)

    1. Not bad
    2. "I'd fuck the shit out of Angelina Jolie"
    3. What'd you do to celebrate?
    4. "Hey look at this picture" If you wanna build intrigue just show her one...if its a good enough pic she'll wanna see more.

    Well this was fun
    -"Dependence is only a state of mind, Independence is a state of being, because in the end all we really have in the world is ourselves"

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