I have been very inactive for while cause I have only seen this one 19 year old woman right now. We have known each other for 1 month and 1 week now. We come along very well, we sent couple hundred messages within first day we met. She is very outgoing and social.

But.............she is chubby. And she has issue with it. I am in good shape in other hand, I work 4 days a week and that results in having six pack and all that good stuff.

We have fucked couple times now and she always tries to cover herself and stuff like that. She isnt really fat, just has some extra weight and is insecure about it.

When I first see this chick I just loose all attraction to be honest cause of her hiding clothes and everything like that. After while we have attraction and she is really pretty with beautiful eyes and we have very good chemistry.

I have said she should come to gym to work out with me or watch while im working but her respond was "I like to do my exercises myself". How can I get this girl over insecurities and accept her body or get to eat healthy and start working out like I do. There is a change that we might move together in future so I could do that then but do you have any solutions for time being and how should I approach this matter.

Thanks in advance guys.