First time I'm trying the online dating thing. Here is my about me section, let me know what I can change. I'm pretty happy with the "about me", but I don't know the "about you", but a fresh perspective is appreciated:

About me:

Described as: Ambitious, Intelligent, Disciplined, Gentleman, and a smart-ass (not the same as intelligent)

I can't be accurately stereotyped, and I do that on purpose.

I make friends easily, and I'm pretty fun to be around. I guarantee I can make you laugh within minutes of meeting you.

I'm a pretty accomplished athlete. I grew up playing every major sport and I am still very active: crossfit, jiu jitsu, running, softball, and I'm still looking for more!

Getting lost walking around in the city is my newly found hobby. It's happening more often than I'd like, but its really the only way to learn.

I enjoy learning about totally random stuff. I'm wise beyond my years.

About You:

Be attractive. Be honest, confident, have a passion about something...ANYTHING , and of course have a sense of humor.

I have an open mind about interests and activities, and I don't need to meet someone that likes everything exactly that I like or vice versa.

If anyone can have it, I don't want it.

Ok, so now lets meet up and go do something together!