Hey ! My name is Adi and this is my first day here .
I'm 19 , studying in a university in Hong Kong , I'm Indian , dating this Chinese chick . Good looking , talkative .
Now I think I used many 'techniques' you guys use , to score this girl.When I asked her out in the first week of university last month , I could basically choose between 3 girls and I went for her.

Okay , so anyways , this girl is clingy , likes to know what I'm doing all the time . And gets jealous if I talk to other girls . She literally said ''I can go out with other guys , but you can't go out with girls '' , I called her out on this and we made some ''rules'' about not going out with a girl or a guy unless we are in a group .

So yeah , we had a sort of an argument yesterday cuz she screamed at me in the supermarket , I kept my cool , and acted like I didn't approve her behaviour , and the whole time on our way back she was apologising , called me like 6 times in the night and we met at 3 AM and I made sure she never does that again .

And today , she's being super nice to me and brought me lots of food because of the storm in Hong Kong ( she loves giving gifts , I haven't given her anything yet) .She called me an hour ago and was like ''How's my baby boy doing ? I miss you'' . I said hmm , okay . And right now , it's raining heavily , and she really wants to see me /study with me , and I don't wanna see her , cuz im sick and still kinda pissed about yesterday . I don't wanna scream at her and I have never done that .
You think I should be like ''yeah , come over ,I can't wait to see you' or 'I'm sorry , I have stuff to do '' , im not really doing anything though . And in the future , if she disrespects me , how do you think I should react immediately and how soon should I let go of the issue ?

Here's a part of our convo on FB

Her- You are replying rather slowly...

Talking to many people at once. I think I need a doctor

Her - I feel like I should do something
But I don't know what to do.

Me - Ha. I'm gonna be fine sweety. Don't worry

OK, fine
You may wanna study for a while, cause next week we have chemistry due and econ due

me - Yeah, K, I'll see. Okay so the 5th person just asked me the same question, why are you and (her name) not together right now. Ha

Maybe they are suggesting that they miss me, haha.
So do you wanna study with me now?

Me - Nah , it's okay


me - You miss me? Or is it cuz I'm sick?


Hmm , I miss you too

But you dont wanna meet me now...

that doesn't mean I don't miss you baby

her - If you miss someone, you wanna see him or her

Btw , sexually , when we started going out , she was like I will only have sex after marriage and anything like a hanjob or Bj atleast 1 year after because she likes to take things slow. But she's given me 2 handjobs already , in case it makes a difference .

Also , do you guys think I should be ''nicer'' to her ?
I've been spending most of my time with her for the last week or so .

Edit : I finished this post right before meeting her last night , but anyways , she showed up in my hall last night , just to check up on me and was like you should really take care of your health and shit like that .