I got a message back from this girl on Match, and I'm not sure how to respond. She works the graveyard shift, so I have time. She said in her profile something to the effect of "I hate games and everything about them". She also mentioned that she has a dirty mind, and usually like sarcastic, slapstick humor. And she has 2 dogs, one of which is the Bullmation you'll read about.

Me: [subject]Works for me. Let's skip the stupid games.
[body]I like what I see and read, and I'm sure I can keep up with your dirty, sarcastic slapstick humor. I have no idea what a Bullmation is though. Sounds like some kind of rhino-dog. Slap a saddle on that thing and ride it!

Her: Haha, he's a mix between a bulldog and a Dalmation. He's pretty special!

My first thought was some reference to "101 Bullmations". Maybe a tease about Cruella Deville or something. But I'm really not sure.

What do y'all think?