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    Default Can this be SAVED- Master fuck up!

    Met this chick on tinder, number closed all going lovely, set up late drinks on Friday the same week she flaked and went on holiday the following week.. shes still wants to meet.. reopened after a while with:

    Me:Just saw a naked man chasing a dog, standard friday night in tooting

    Her: wow, I forgot you live so close, if u wana get dinner sunday leme no

    Me: Tried to snapchat.. would have been a beautiful sigh.. You cooking???

    Got no reply...

    So next day on sat midday said

    Me: you being an angel this weekend?

    her: bit hungover.

    we chatted for a bit but the dinner set up never came up and happened..

    so sunday evening

    Me: i think its time you took a trip over to clapham for this drink

    she : lol u think so?

    me i know so hah

    Her ha, you have to formally invite me

    Me: what are you up to tonight? Im feeling spontaneous?

    Her: watching x factor and then bed at 9, tonight is not a spontaneous night

    Me: haha yea true

    was working till 3 last night and have an assessment day tmo aha

    me: ah that sucks well hope that goes well

    her: it wont i'm like bleugh. such a waste of time

    me: ok well Wednesday, clapham at 8, me you and some cocktails. tha formal enough for you hah

    Her: i'm at uni on weds

    me : see your the diffcult one lol

    her:my next available date will be october 11th

    me: thats a long time

    her: lol i'm very busy, got weddings, work jay z concerts

    me ooo miss popuar

    her: its all kicking off

    me ok 11th it is then , but you owe me one for making me wait. treat them mean, keep them keen, its worrking haha

    her: looool ok

    That was yesterday, on sunday night... didnt reply .. was sure what to do.... maybe give it time... flakey flakey...

    Where did I go wrong... CAN IT BE SAVED... ( haven't text her in 4 days)

    Just a bit I should add, we talk on whats app all the time but have never chatted on the phone... is there anyway to save this???
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    Default Re: Can this be SAVED- Master Fuck up!

    Me, personally, I would've given up on this long ago.

    What's happening here is she is busy BUT if someone of status like Jay Z asked her out to chill, I bet you she WILL make time.

    Your only real option is a Freeze Out because right now you are making yourself too available and she didn't do a damn thing to deserve it.

    As for saving it, I don't think you would want to. The girl doesn't seem excited enough to make time to go out with you. The attitude you want to take is "It's either a 'fvck yes' (you want to go out) or 'no') You don't have time for maybes.

    It's one of those girls you give the proverbial "you know what? Don't worry about it. You're not excited enough about it. It was nice meeting you." And move on.

    If you are really insistent of saving it, you have to freeze her out. Don't contact her for a month. Once in a blue moon, throw out a text that you are doing something and seeing what she is up to. You may get a bite, you may not. But you are at least staying on her radar and keep her on rotation (amongst other women). I've heard success stories coming out of that after a year of persistence. But don't keep any expectations.

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