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    Default I messed up and what to fix things

    so my story has to start on a friday cause this situation also takes place on a staurday as well. Friday night I'm at the club and my girl texts me asknig if I would like to join her for something to eat. I told I have to see because I was the DD for the night and I had to drive everyone home. So I finish doing exactly just that and called her asking if she was still there? She said "no but lets try to do it again some other time." The next day I messaged her when she was finished working and she said lets meet up at the same location as last night. I say okay and start making my way down there and because my buddy forgot stuff at my house I was going kill two birds with one stone since he lived in the area. Long story short I almost got jumped and I got pulled over by police. When the dust finally settled, I texted her if we can meet up and ill explain everything. She got upset and now shes not talking to me. I tired to talk to her but I got no response but I wouldn't bug her if she didnt message back. But on social media pages she uploads at bunch of pics of herself and this and that. But when I added pics or responses she likes them. Im asking is she playing big mind games or is there something else in the picture?

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    Default Re: I messed up and what to fix things

    Well you did all you can do, now just wait. That's what I'm doing right now with the same sotuation, if a girl really wants to get to know you shell be the one texting. So just wait and give it time, if she doesn't come then move on and do your thing
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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    Wink Re: I messed up and what to fix things

    Oh wow!, dont feel bad! U did nothing wrong.. do what u couldnT make it, she needs to chill out!. Its not like u left her waiting bc u ran off with ur boys or a girl. She needs to be more understanding!. Work is work.. and i got pulled over, u really had ur hands tied. Dont text her anymore.. she has her panties in a bunch right now, but eventually she will get over it. If not, idk y in the world would someone would want her. Dont worry, us women act like this, then we are the ones asking.."omg, y he hasnt text me?"... relax!

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