I had been texting this HB9 for a while, had nice rapport with her, but I got a little carried away and texted her in a way that implied desperation. The last conversation between us went like this:

Me: How have you been?
HB9: At a stadium watching live match

(I didn't want to reply on the same day for some reason and replied the next day)

Me: You didn't even bother to invite me. How sweet!

(She didn't reply to that. After a week I texted her again)

Me: Are we fighting and not supposed to talk?

--- I know my texts sound lame and desperate, but I was going through a hard time(break up with my girlfriend actually) and somehow screwed it up as I wasn't thinking straight. It's been a couple of months since I sent her that last text message and now I want to reignite the conversation.

I have been mulling over sending a canned text which goes like..

Me: Have you seen the news today?
HB8: Why?/What? (Something on that lines)
ME: Aliens are coming over to Earth and abduct all the sexy ass people. You will be safe, I just wanted to say good bye before I get abducted.. blah, blah.

So, would it work? Or should I try something else? Any suggestions from experienced peeps are most welcome. Thanks!