Hey Guys

I'm in a long distance relationship with a 24yr old Dutch girl (I'm 25, we met while she was working in Australia). We're in love and the plan was that early 2014 that she'd come back to Australia to live. I thought that was great (this girl is really worth making a LDR work) but it'd mean that we were going to have to survive like 8 months without seeing each other. So I made a choice to go live in Holland for 4 months (where I'm @ now) to ease the pressure, get to know her Dutch family better, but also to avoid the temptations of cheating, etc etc.

When I first told her I was coming to live there, she was so happy she was literally crying.
But now that I'm here, some sh1t's going weird. Now I'm really good at pretty much all aspects of PUA, but I do need some advice.

What's been happening is that after the first couple weeks of moving in together here in Holland, I can tell she's starting to lose passion and flame for me. Like back in Australia we were total sex machines, but now, she quite honestly seems like she doesn't even want sex, and for me to get sex I always have to initiate it. Our sex is great though, every time I give her huge O's, but it's like she doesn't really WANT it bad any more like she used to.

Now I know the thing about not giving yourself and all your time away to your woman so easy and how that can ruin attraction, etc etc but it's hard for me because I'm totally new to town, living in a low populated village, and have to spend a good deal of time at home while she works. But I'm not stupid, I don't just sit around home all day waiting for her to come home. I've done things like joined a gym here, go exploring around the city by myself, planned trips to other EU countries, I'm learning guitar and spanish(though I'm doing that at home by myself), and do spontaneous things with her, etc. I've also social proofed my FB page (she's big into Facebook), but NOTHING I'm doing seems to be getting that spark back into her that used to be there.
It's strange because everything I do, I do with an Alpha Male mind set. My personality is not pussy at all, I'm playful, teasing, cheeky, spontaneous and can lead.

So I want to hear advice about where I went wrong, and what to do next to get that RAW ATTRACTION back in our relationship. Is it because she has me too easily now?Should I stop giving her so much affection and make her work for it a little more? Should I stop initiating sex with her and when finally asks for it, say no to show I'm in control, then later do it on my own time? Should I be trying to fill my time with more things and get out of the house more?

Thanks for any input