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    Default Re: Need a bit of help.

    An update,

    So tonight this girl and i were basically having it out at each other over txt. When i mentioned i was going out she sarcastically replied "go have fun dancing with the babes " Which is a character change from the last time when i told her that i was having a girl over to watch a movie and she FREAKED out. After hashing it out a bit we finally settle with, if you don't care that i dance with other girls than you don't care about us being together. She got pissed at that and responded simply with forget it.

    Here is the final txt message. I'd like to get your opions. I basically froze her out.

    "[name], I just wanted you to say you are a great girl and i really want this to work out between us. But i can't talk to you until you figure it out. Hope to hear from you soon."

    I've asked a number of different people about what i've done. Some say good job, others are not sure, and some say i shouldn't have dont that. Please let me know what you think.

    Ps. I doubt i'll contact her for two days and just stay strong against her txt messages or calls.

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    Default Re: Need a bit of help.

    I believe that she's saying is the complete opposite of how she feels. You know, some girls are like that.They say "ok" but the truth is they are not. In addition, girls also are fond of making the guys guess what's inside them. I know it is not always healthy to read other people's minds. We may misinterpret it...

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