Alright so I tried to talk to a girl who had a bf last school year and she turns me down cause she dedicated to him and what not so I just stop talking to her through texting but we were still friends. Anyway recently I got a new number and she tells me " ooh Steven you got a new phone, add me in it." I give my phone to her and let her add her number to my contact because I was helping my friend AFC who needs help closing after getting a girls number. Anyway later that night( this week Thursday) I texted her " hey it's your favorite black guy Steven" she replies fast by saying "haha hey Steven" so I text her " are you always a fast texter or are you just happy to hear from me." ( I used that text as a trigger to see if she was in a flirty state). She replies "both haha" .

Lmao so this is where I try to catch her off guard by using a corny line I'd never say to a girl " lol you're too sweet... Keep it up and I might get cavities because of you" .. I guess it worked because it was so corny that she didn't see me as a threat and replied " hahaha. You better watch out cuz I'm sweeter than a lollipop". Lmao when she said I paused so I wouldn't look to invested in the convo. After like 7 mins I sent this text as another test for her " lol next you'll be telling me that you got chocolate kisses" she then texts me back with "you'd have to kiss me to find out". At first I went nuts but I realized I had to keep calm or I would've blown this. So now I put ball in my court by saying " idk you'd have to be a good kisser for that to happen" try to get her to qualify to me since I'm in control now. She then says "you'd have to kiss me to find out." ( note that she has a bf but these past months I've been working on my alpha male Mindset and the abundance mentality).

Now I decide to calm myself and make her work a little harder to try to kiss me by saying " you'd have to work harder to get a kiss from me... I'm not that easy" she texts back "that could work" so I reply back "tomorrow is Friday and if you're sweet like you say I guess you can get a preview" she qualifies again by saying " I'm pretty sweet if you ask me" I decide to deepen the qualification more and get her to think about if she really is good enough to kiss me by saying "but I hate kissing someone who's bad at kissing... So are you sure you're a good kisser?" She replies "yes.. Hahaha" and I say " ok I'll be the judge of that... Your chocolate kisses" and she replies "when and where"

Summary of the story we end up kissing yesterday(Friday) in school.. She's pretty good and she's a HB8 by the way guys. Her friend said she had a bf when me and the girl went to get her pen from our other class. We both ignore her as we go down the stairs.... I asked her do you still want that preview I promised you? ( was it bad that I ASKED her?) anyway she says she doesn't know so I just grab her waist and bring her in and we start kissing and she was so into it that when I tried to let go she still kept kissing me..

Now my problem is I want to text her this text " you're good but we still got to work on your kissing". Would that be a good opening for texting or would it looked like I actually liked it and come off as a needy/ desperate AFC? help guys