Hey Guys,

Want to see if anyone has any recommendations for this. At the end of September I was at a party here in the Boston area, and by chance, met this really HB from Germany of all places who was leaving in the morning. Went through my routines with her, stuff went well, at the end of the night she actually gave me a ride home, and I k-closed. Might've been an f-close, but she was already stressing her 8am flight so decided not to push it.

As fate would have it, I'm actually going to Germany in April to visit a cousin who lives roughly 2 hours away from HB. HB and I have been communicating somewhat regularly via FB messaging, and its fun. I feel she's definitely interested, and I have dropped the right type of messaging to indicate I don't want her to turn into a friend.

Now, I'm not looking to dedicate myself to this girl and no one else for the next 6+ months, but I think it would be fun to keep her as a virtual flirt, but maintain her interest so that when I get there it'll be a good time. The question is, how do I keep it in this fun flirty zone for an extended period of time? Anyone ever been through something similar?