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    Default What about her friend zone guys?

    Everybody swears from dawn to dusk that the friend zone is inescapable. So what about the guys she has stuck in the friend zone? If the girl really is an HB8+ or so, it should go without question that she has numerous guys trying to go for her, in hopes that they can be screwing her later down the road. If girls friend zone as often as guys complain about, it should be no surprise that every girl has at least a few guys, that are friend zoned, that would love to screw her given the chance. The question is: Is the friend zone really doom and gloom and the safest place for competing guys to be? Or are we all praying like mad that the girl doesn't start screwing around with one of her "just friends" while we take his place?

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    Default Re: What about her friend zone guys?

    I'm not sure what your asking here. It's very easy to stay out of the friend zone. I haven't gotten the LJBF for over 7 years. All you have to do is make your intentions known right away, and go for a k-close on the first date. friend zone. Sounds easy right? Because it is easy. Even if she denies your move she will respect you more afterwords because you had the balls to go for it.

    Now I wouldn't worry about these other guys that are friend zoned...they have no chance. BUT I have dated women that cheated on me that hung out with "friends". Well these friends were banging her so...know which ones are actually friends and which ones aren't.

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    Default Re: What about her friend zone guys?

    The friend zone really isn't as bad of a place to be as guys make it out to be at all, & it's definitely escapable. I have friends who would PURPOSELY put themselves into the friend zone with girls to expand there social circle & then months down the road would lay the girl that he was supposedly in the "friend zone" with. If you're asking ways to get out of the friend zone there's a ton of material on it, so just search. But yes, some girls due to there past (being raped, cheating ex boyfriends, whatever) DO friend zone guys just to make sure they're not getting played & that you're a genuinely good guy. These types of girls are more long term relationship girls though. Being friend zoned is not as big of a deal at all.
    If you asking to get out of the friend zone here's some basics.
    Flirt with her, in a detached way.
    Get her to see you in a sexual way. Talk about sex (not pervertedly) but funny stories or whatever.
    Stop putting her on any pedestal what so ever.
    Talk about how you don't let flings ruin friendships. Make sure she knows that.
    & Kino KINO KINO KINO. Tease her in a playful way until she cracks.
    Takes time but she will eventually flirt back & then it's go time. (Might be weeks or months)
    Good luck!

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