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    Default How long before the Friendzone?


    First off, is there a timeframe before you're in Friendzone? (Just curious)

    So, the problem. Met a girl out a few weeks back that was in the year below me at university that I sort of knew via a friend, anyway we sort of acknowledged each other but didn't talk (long week and I just wanted to get drunk & play pool with the guys) but she added me on Facebook after we left, taking that as an ioi I asked her out for a drink as she'd gotten hotter, sure thing we met up a few days later.

    Anyway it's 5-6 meetings later and nothing has happened! Which is dong my head in to say the least. She always seems to eject from the date when we're getting on great, which throws me.

    She always seems keen to meetup and often pencils in the next one with me before we part ways, and has even made plans with me a few weeks into the future, we get on and have a laugh. She always ends with a hug. She doesn't mention other guys (mentioned her ex twice) or do anything else that make Friendzone alarm bells go off.

    So last time she suggested meeting I blew her off and gave a weeks silence, I re-initiated and met her for a drink, throw some game at her (she seems awkward and possibly low confidence so I lay off negging etc) and worked on building some rapport (once we did this, her body language became better and both feet were pointing at me), I suggested another bar but she said she had to go as it was a school night, arranged to meet me next week and left. (I should point out she had a cold, & I have a half marathon at the weekend at don't want to be ill so I didn't beat myself up about not making a move)

    So, what are your guys thoughts? I seem to be at that tipping point of getting a LJBF as I can feel the clock ticking! or the girl in me wants to ask "What's going on here?" which we need to stop happening....

    All advice welcome guys

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    Default Re: How long before the Friendzone?

    Yes there is a certain number of hours that you spend with a girl since the moment you meet her. The worse you are at escalating the more you're late to recover! It's as simple as that.

    Also, you might think that you're getting on great sometimes while in fact you're just losing patience. Don't let it fool you, solidify your game since the early stages that's your mistake I guess.

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