Allright guys. I was wondering about my profile. Can you tell me if things need to change. Wasn't sure about the superman thing. An ex looooved it, so i might as well place it... It's translated from Dutch though

Me: A Man who is very balanced with both feet on the ground. That will be pretty important for the times that I take you in my time-space ship to travel to other dimesions only known to high yogi's in Tibet and Sheldon Coopers.

On my 24th I went on an early retirement. Did everything I ever dreamed of doing and seven years later i knew one thing for sure. The sentence "I wish I did...." will never leave my mouth.

The Secret works!! Absolutely!

After my long jouney I started studying again, besides my great job and now I am almost finished. I am very ambitious on different levels.

My pizza's are the best in the world, so I am always prepared to do a cook-off. I don't mind a bit of competition, so if you can't cook, forget about it...

I love getting sucked into the deep moment, by meditation, a great song or lying next to you in the park underneath some great summer sunshine. Bare feet in the grass and the only sound you hear is a soft breeze which makes the temperature just right.

I have been told that I am very good with reading your feelings and acting at the right moment. I used to play this game with a girlfriend abroad. Sometimes I was Clark Kent, when she was sad, sometimes I was Superman at parties and just for fun, and sometimes Bizarro (for those of you who don't know...Bizarro is the evil twin brother of Superman).
The last one had to show up quite often...and you girls now why. It's THAT feeling, right?

Allright...stop flirting and send me a message..