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    TopGuy Guest

    Default A reaction to a Neg

    Two weeks ago, I was hangin out with this nice chick. We typically enjoy each other's company. A few days ago, she went on for a trip and be back next week. We exchanged texts but mostly emails. We talked about hanging out together, going to clubs, and shows. There was point in our conversation that she said she was a bit spoiled as a kid. I negged her a bit in a secy and funny way(I used to do that to her and she seemed sport about it). All of a sudden she reacted violently and was really pissed. I was shocked. I asked her what did I say that might offended her but she never reply. Any insights about this?

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    Mystery_wannabe Guest

    Default Re: A reaction to a Neg

    Text based gaming is difficult because it contains no expression. Expression emoted by symbols (@!.,) do not fully convey the message to it's fullest extent like you can in real life because it's got no tone.

    This means you have to be light on the negging and generally, you should keep it to a minimal because she can take it the wrong way. It seems she's taken your email/text the wrong way and is upset.

    I wouldn't try to dig it any further than this because you'll end up digging your own grave. I would wait about 48 hours or so before texting her again and start fresh with something light and funny. Pretend that your comment was never made and don't apologize about it.

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    royalflash Guest

    Default Re: A reaction to a Neg

    Maybe she perceived your neg in a very bad way. It may be light for you but the way she see it, it was very upsetting. I agree with Mystery_wannabe. Try not to communicate with her for a couple of days. Let her head cool down. During that time, she may contemplate on what she did or about what happened. And after that just go on, communicate with her and pretend nothing happened.

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    Default Re: A reaction to a Neg

    ambiguity. Know it and love it. Texts are always vague because they don't carry facial expressions and intents. Thus, you should harness that and make most of you texts vague. It leads to open responses, and it allows you to recover if the woman takes the text the wrong way.

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    bloodDiamond Guest

    Default Re: A reaction to a Neg

    I agree. You know, in text messages and emails, you cannot determine the extent of emotion compared to talking in person. One may misinterpret the message or information conveyed and will lead to misunderstanding. In this situation, you can still have the chance to redeem yourself because the message that she perceived may or may not be the way it should be.

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    HotRod Guest

    Default Re: A reaction to a Neg

    I think next time, you should neg her in a lighter way. She seem she can't take criticism to a higher degree. It's quite good though that you happened to discover how far she can take a neg. Slowly, can can determine what techniques will work for her and not.

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    TopGuy Guest

    Default Re: A reaction to a Neg

    Just an update to my earlier post. The girl that I was talking about called me up and apologized. I followed your advice on not to call her or apologize. Fortunately. days after the heated conversation, she did apologized and invited me to hang out tomorrow night. Thanks guys!

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    Instinct Guest

    Default Re: A reaction to a Neg

    By the way my favorite negs are ones the use body language to make it a neg. For example you can say "You live there?" and thats fine, but you can say "You live THERE!!" and it can be a neg. My personal favorite, just cause it always creates conversation and gets ladies excited (I don't know why, it just does), "you smell like fruit loops....(very monotone)" and then I look at them oddly.

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