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    Mystery_wannabe Guest

    Default One Farked up situation

    So I've decided to continue gaming girl A a little and see what I could get out of it. It's pretty farked up now because of how many times I've screwed up with her, but if all fails, I'll bail out since I still have my alternative option of the single Korean girl It's win-win for me.

    As I've stated before on the text-game thread (see: how to be funny in text game), I did ok on the second try. Luckily she texted me back because I've established a meet up with her who's leaving my country for good. I started a little convo about us meeting up to study and she even suggested tmr (today as I am posting this) that we'd meet up.

    Initially this seemed like a good sign so I said "ok, I'll meet you at 2" and she was cool with it. I was checking over my schedule this morning and noticed that I have work and I needed to shift the meeting time with her up by 1 hour or else we'd have less than an hour studying (which is just BS) so I texted her with this:

    Hey Girl A, I didn't take my job schedule into account yesterday. It'll be better if we meet at 1 instead.

    Her response?

    Ah im meeting (bf's name here) at 1230 for lunch i won't make it by 1. What time do you work? We can always meet tomorrow of its easier? Im free whenever


    I'm confused, what does this mean? Can anyone decipher this into English for men?

    My interpretation of this so far is that she seems to be throwing that "I've got a BF" thing back onto the table. I didn't think I was pushy in anyway and it seemed very genuine so I'm not sure what happened.
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    Default Re: One Farked up situation

    Who knows? Just set up a different time. If she tries to flake again, just blow her off or neg her and suggest that she pick a time since she apparently is too busy.

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