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    Default how to make up by texting?? need your opinion


    I met an ex gf not long ago, we met after 3 months and had a great contact together... She was telling me how much she missed me, dreamed about me etc. Insinuating all kinds of things. When I came home I realized I wanted more... So I started texting her again. In the beginning everything went ok, but I kept 'pushing' her and sending messages like I think about u, I want to see u, when do we meet etc. It got a little out a hand in my opinion to my standards: I'm not used to send that much... I have send many texts, no stalking, but I kept pushing my will on her.

    Now she doesn't think it will work out and doesn't want to see me anymore. I know I kissed her ass!! I know it was wrong before I wanted to send something, but still I did it. It was stronger than myself. Its been a week I haven't heard anything from her... I think she associated the stress with the break-up not long ago...

    What do you think about the situation? techniques?...
    Now I am asking you guys how can I make it up to her?
    Should I wait a while (how long)... Should I send her I was stupid...
    I has to be something special that can change her mind!! (that's not easy...)
    I'm clueless, not able to find a solution...

    Your help will be much appreciated!!!

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    Default Re: how to make up by texting?? need your opinion

    Mate, speaking from experience doing just that, you simply came across as too needy and desperate. Considering she's an EX-gf, you need to remember that she's an ex FOR A REASON. Things didn't work out then, and will more than likely never work out. The only thing to do now is erase her number and cut off all contact with her. As horrible and as difficult as that is, realize that it's the best option considering the current situation.

    If you really can't bring yourself to doing that, message her telling her that she's right, things won't work out between the two of you and you should not see each other, and then freeze her. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it could potentially actually work (though unlikely given your situation). In both instances I'd erase the number just to avoid any temptations.

    Good luck.

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