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Thread: Bringing up the topic of sex

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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    Lemme see. I have done the pretend my neck is aching a little and if girl doesn't immediately show concern or touch it lightly, I stop doing that. Or I do some back stretching and just say aloud that I need to get my ass off to a masseuse and girls would usually say, either they love massages or ask me where I go. I then ask them if they prefer Reflexology with all those pressure points thing or Swedish, and then ask if they've heard of erotic massage, Thai massage, etc. Some girls offer the information that they like giving massages, or they give good massages so i just give them my hand and ask them to show
    me. Sometimes, I ask them if they've heard of the DIVINE HAND JOB and for sure they'd laugh, but then i'd just take their
    hand, call them on their dirty mind, and begin massaging their hand. Or I ask them to give me a sample of DVJ, like, "Let me see your hands. You look like someone who can give me great DVJ and I sure need one." They'd ask what it is, initially be confused what I was talking about, and I'd explain, they'd laugh and make feeble attempts at massage (mind you, some girls, if they're into you, will massage to impress).

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    cheers typhoon,
    am gonna have to try that one by degrees or in stages... i have sorta started down that road with a few but no go. do you reckon getting the location or the right place is the go...? i reckon i have started down that road in inappropriate places for any of my girls to rub my back or dig their thumbs in to my neck

    keep it up my sleeve. i got a few other milestones to reach on the way to DHJ

    But i gotta say sex must be talked about real soon after meeting. GM style rocks. If a chick cant talk filthy then she aint no whore in the bedroom

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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    Well Coyote, it certainly won't work in a really loud bar where you guys can't hear each other let alone have space enough to hold hands. Haha.

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    Loner Guest

    Cool Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    holy shit i need to get on more!

    i had a video of a way not to bring up sex. here it is enjoy it

    rate this routine: how to video (just thought about this)

    Show her this video more likely in a comfort building area, like your home (YouTube - Online Dating) and talk about how you would totally be the guy. Talk about how you want to do this with her, but the only problem is that shes always out living a fun and exciting life with the most protective people in the world (not verbatim, most of this is off the top of my head so .... work more on this.)

    [you do this to add value with you, cause she will do a short term memory check, and the longer you've been in contact with her for a decent about of time... the better! I guess I would call this the first brick(s) for starting that time bridge]

    Afterwards (you can talk about how other guys, bf for example, would remind you of the guy in the video because they're creepy and only want sex. this gives you another ioi, and IOD to your competition or if this isnt a problem) you can talk about how the movie is really a parady of what women really want, a guy who has amazing qualities about him, yet also has a wild side!

    From here you can run the women are "sexual predators" routine and go into how they use mind games and this should get you in the nice fluffy bed. From their, you need aLOT of LMR breaking techniques and you need to FREEZE anytime you run into LMR!

    rate this and plz post any tips on where to take this from here


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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    Maybe you can also bring up the topic of sex while you're all still with a group, say a slightly big set in a bar or house party. Am sure you all know this drinking game where each one gets to make a TRUE statement and all those who have done it, or has the same true about him/her, has to drink.

    I have gone bungee jumping.
    I like massage.
    I am still a virgin.
    I have wet dreams.
    I have fantasized over a professor.
    I am sexually into someone in the room right now.
    I swallow.
    I suck.

    Then after, once you've isolated the girl, you can talk about the crazy game and maybe even bring up that you noticed that you both liked 'to kiss for hours'

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    Solomon Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    Haha Pinai. That's certainly one way of using that game. My buds and I used to just play that to get everybody wasted, which is certainly not something we wanna happen to the chick we're picking up. But still, maybe we could get the boring ones wasted instead. Maybe they'd flash their boobs or something at least, haha. Keep the statements boring, like...

    I'm still a virgin.
    I have not engaged in threesomes.
    I don't kiss strangers.
    I don't give BJs.
    I have not been blindfolded.

    Oh wait, you're supposed to say TRUE statements. Haha.

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    Well, this is certainly not a first date idea but maybe you could get your girl to go get a couples massage with you. Some spas even have a private sauna you can enjoy together aside from the private massage room where there's some level of nudity. A very few but well-placed "mmm" or "that feels good" can even help.

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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    Play games!!!

    Was hanging out with friends at my friends' place last saturday night and one of the girls brought out this love dice thingie (one dice had bodyparts and the other had action instructions) and we were having fun with that. I got to kiss three girls by just rolling the dice. After most of the people have left and the rest of us still there were drunk enough, my friend (the one hosting the party) took out his glow in the dark sex dice set (it's a little bit raunchier but not that set with the sex positions and locations). I got to lick ears and lips and touch boobs... and ended up making out big time with one of the girls after (the one who had to lick my nipples).

    Not a good ending though as I forgot to get her number. Haha.

    And I doubt it's something you can bring into a bar 'coz you'll look like a perv. Best for house parties probably.
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    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    As far as bringing up sex as a topic, I always avoid even saying the word "sex". It just totally breaks that sexual Tension and lets her know what's on your mind...and I loathe being indirect. I'm direct about everything but sex, and her beauty. I usually mention sex without mentioning it, for example, if she's wearing sexy heels I'd say, "Alright, those heels stay on at all times, no matter WHAT is happening." Does she know what I'm talking about...or is SHE just thinking dirty? This creates sexual tension.

    I just consider the fact that girls catch hell for being sexual way more than we do. You gotta make her feel like it 'just happened', but participating in a big sex conversation before-hand might make her feel like she helped initiate it. I've never talked about sex before bangin a chick for the first time. Also, I always try to beat her to LMR. For example, you get to the seduction location and say, "Now don't get any ideas. I just came here to hang out", or "I'm loving The Vibe we have going, so there's no need to rush things." When you move in for the kill, she'll think you're doing it unconsciously, and BOOM, it "just happened".


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    Solomon Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    Yeah. Being direct seldom helps because it's almost like you said "she's slutty and you like it" instead of just being a sensual, sexual, open-minded chick.


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