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Thread: Bringing up the topic of sex

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    Do you guys know of this eggbeater type of head massager thing called the Orgasmatron? Well, it's proven useful sometimes. It usually tickles a girl but also really relaxes her and I have yet to meet someone who didn't moan or something while using it... and voila, there is my opener!

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    Kheaven Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    Quote Originally Posted by Mwood245 View Post
    Talking about sex is always difficult with a girl who is more conservative. However, you have to read the girl. A couple days ago i got a girl to tell me nearly every place she's had sex, what's her favorite position, what she likes and doesn't like in bed and how many times she masturbates. With this girl i was direct but i did it through a method called the "Question Game".

    The "Question Game"

    MO: To get the girl to tell you things about herself while she learns about you at the same time.

    Rules: The questions you ask must reveal something about a person. Eg. You cannot ask "what did you eat for breakfast today". Second, you cannot ask the same question back at a person. Eg. If i asked "When was your last BF?" she cannot ask "When was your last GF"

    Note* This is a little tidbit for us to laugh at. Never did i say in the rules that you couldn't lie. That means you can sugar coat the truth a little if she asks you something. NEVER TELL HER THAT SHE CAN LIE! If she's on the ball she'll figure it out. But most girls will divulge their intimate secrets pretty easily.

    Now, how does this game lead to the topic of sex. First begin with underlying sexual questions. These can be like "when was ur last kiss" "When was ur last bf" "How many relationships have you been in" These light questions can go on for a bit and you can judge how ur girl is reacting. The second stage is more prominant sexual quesitons or acts but still going easy with the detail. "When was the last time you made out" "Have you ever been really attracted to one of your teachers/friends/neighbours etc..." "When is the last time you had sex" etc... Then, again watching her comfort level, move into more sexual questions with detail. "How many times do you masturbate" "are you horny alot" "have you had sex in public". You can even get into really really intimate subjects if the girl is comfotable. "Whats your weirdest fantasy" "Have you ever had sex without a condom" etc...

    This is a good way for both you and her to talk about sex. And you are in control to comfortably lead the questions where you like. If you are talking about sex questions, so should she. Note* if you are, and she isn't, slow it down a bit, you're making her uncomfortable. Then you can scale back ur questions another notch. Never let the game go too far too fast, or go away from creating sexual Tension. If you start talking about favorite movies. End the game. If she starts asking you really personal stuff fast, end the game. Tell her you can't talk about that stuff this early in the game (creates attraction) or move to Kino and Close.
    Yeah, the questions game is what I'd recommend also.

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    It helps if you're an artist or into artists or those who appreciate art (sculptures, paintings, portraits, even fabrics and other things that include design)... I dunno, I just think it's real easy to engage them cerebrally and transition to sex (by talking about favorite subjects and the texture of things). Plus, artists, in general, are freer-spirited than usual

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    braddeltone Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    Quote Originally Posted by Mystery_wannabe View Post
    I've seen on this forum where people say "use the topic of sex" to increase arousal of sexual interest. I believe it works, I know it works for me because a girl has done it to me.

    But, if a girl is rather conservative and I wanted to bring this topic up and try to push things through, what can I do to remove the negative connotations and increase my attraction?
    hey wannabe,
    if a girl si rather conservative. just move on man. plenty of game out there.

    however, if want to keep the game.
    this guy is right:
    If you are talking about sex questions, so should she. Note* if you are, and she isn't, slow it down a bit, you're making her uncomfortable.
    Then you can scale back ur questions another notch. Never let the game go too far too fast, or go away from creating sexual Tension.

    monitor the game. dont let it go too fast. intuitively, take baby steps.

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    Ace_Of_Chase Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    You can always ask her an opinionated question about sexual innuendos, but make sure she doesn't get the idea that it is directly related to her. You should build UP to the point where you discuss HER, and even to the point where you discuss what You like.
    Once she starts answering your questions, you can take what responses she gives you, and build the conversation according to what you want to get into.
    Strike Gold, Guys.... Strike Gold...

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    Storm Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    if you mention shoes, try to do it in a more manly way like "man-confusing" showing that you know nothing about womens shoes, and that you need to be taught. Eliminating you from the "just a friend" topic. I also like to use shoes for negs, cause this also isnt too womanly, like example "man, i like your shoes.. they must have been really cool when they were new?" (Also notice i said i LIKE her shoes, i never use strong words like love or hate, i dont wanna seem too unmanly and sensitive...)

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    john dice Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    You can bring up sex or maybe she does and what matters is that it's normal and natural for us to talk about it.
    the moment somebody acts nervous, the magic is gone.
    I'm not saying that we should brag and talk about (or make up) a bunch of girls we slept with... but just being able to "not have a problem" with the subject is cool. and she'll appreciate it!

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    JD Dallas Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    One of the techniques I've found - and I'm sure a lot of you have - that works well for getting her thinking about sex is to talk about sex....but not in the first person. That is, "other peoples" sex - or sexy topics.
    Like telling her you know about a couple who had sex on the roof of "this" buidling...for example.
    It's an indirect way of getting on the path.

    Another good way, I have personally found, is to use descriptive language and talk about situations that she can picture herself in with you - and that naturally have a "sex" connotation. And if she "goes there" it was HER idea.

    For example, telling her, "you know, I LOVE sleeping in on a Sunday morning...drawing the shades and messing up the comforter and turning off the alarm....when there's a warm summer breeze blowing through the bedroom I feel like I could stay there all day....until it's time to stroll down to the coffee shop for some dark roast..."

    Lots of sights, sounds, smells - that put her there with you. It's an innocent way to mention, "bed" "bedroom" and the connection between saturday night hook-up and sunday doesn't mention sex, but clearly will have her imagining herself there with you.

    Same technique works for just getting her in a good mood. Describe the feeling of laying on the beach, sun beating down on your neck, the sound of the waves and the smell of coconut oil, sand and salt with with a warm breeze. It's like saying, "pink elephant" - you can't help but picture it in your mind.

    when all else fails, say, "Blow me in the bathroom?"

    : )

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    Davinci Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    I recently joined so forgive me if I am out of line in speaking. But my problem is not getting a woman to talk about sex. Usually within 10-15 minutes they are talking to me about all their sordid behaviors and such. I don't usually know how to respond to this other than not paying it any attention. What would a PUA normally do in this situation? I can drive innuendos until the cows come home but I am not certain where I should take the conversation other than to my place at this point even though I've only met the person and known them for a handful of minutes.

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    Spartan301 Guest

    Default Re: Bringing up the topic of sex

    I can see how sexualizing a conversation can feel like such a challenge, considering how taboo it seems in today's society. It seems like everyone likes to read up on the latest sex scandals, best techniques (Cosmo magazine is practically cover to cover sex), and funniest sex jokes.

    That, to me, shows one thing... it's okay.

    Yeah, really, it's okay to talk about it.

    HOW you talk about it, especially to aquaintances, and women you just met, is the real trick.

    The easiest, simplest way to sexualize any sort of conversation is through INNUENDO.

    Innuendo can be a powerful weapon, and an easy way to let the girl know that you're not afraid of the topic of sex. That's incredibly important, because how easy do you think it is to have sex with a girl when the topic isnt even close to being brought up? Short answer, it's not.

    Let me give you a couple examples of easy sexualizing of a topic:

    One time, at a house party, I saw a group of 4 people rush into a bedroom while giggling. I just happen to be near the bathroom at the time alongside this girl, as we were waiting for it to open. When I saw the group close the door behind them, I look to the girl and mutter with a smirk, "I hope they know the bed in there is only queen sized. They might not all fit." She giggled, and we got to talking later.

    Another example came from one of my mentors, as we were talking to a girl during a meeting. Outside the window was one of those towers with a wide base, skinny neck, and wide top. Yes, think 'little mermaid'. My mentor was talking about taking a few photos at the base of the tower, then jokes, "yeah, that's not metiphorical." We all laughed.

    The backbone principles in these two examples are the same:
    1- Make it lighthearted. Sex is fun, isn't it?
    2- Make it a 3rd person perspective. This is very important, as you don't want to put the girl on the spot, so to speak. Saying something to insinuate her to act sexually just makes you sound perverted or invasive. Remember, you're building an ally to your sexual adventures.
    3- Keep it simple, yet intelligent.

    Hopefully this idea helps. Try it, and let me know how it goes.


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