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    Default How should I move forward?

    Hey, so my friend(who has a gf) calls me before this party Im throwing saying hes gonna "hook me up" and hes bringing his pretty coworker. I say cool, but was thinking shit cause I really need a haircut, didnt think I was gonna try anything but when they got here she was pretty so I thought what the hell.

    A few of us including her went to buy more beer and she seemed to be hanging around me and talking to me the whole time at the store and in the car about where shes from and all, cool chick. Then back at my place I overhear her say shes terrible at beer pong, has never won, and has never made a shot. On the other hand Ive never lost at beer pong lol, so I took the chance and teamed with her. What do you know we end up going 4-0 lol. Hugging after every make, and touching the whole time, eventually we were just holding each other around the waist.

    Afterwards everyones in a circle talking and I was the only one without a chair. She was the only one that was like "concerned" I didnt have a chair, giving me ideas and actively scanning the room for one, at one point offering her chair and shell sit on a basketball lol, of couse I said no Im fine.

    As she was leaving I stopped her and asked for her number and she said sure and typed it into my phone for me. After she was gone my other friends were telling me she was pretty into me but I was too tipsy to judge.

    Anyways Im throwing another party this Saturday and my friends bringing her again. Im just wondering, should I shoot for a similar night and then ask her out next week, or go for more this weekend and ask her out anyway? She cant stay over or anything Saturday, she works Sunday afternoon.

    Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: How should I move forward?

    You are right on track bro!!When she arrives you should pump attraction..This will be the night of do or die since she is pretty into you and she will be wondering why you are so timid to escalate..escalate that night keeping your Kino light and fun..calibrate her and when you've pumped enough attraction..move in for kiss close-that will make your intention clear that you want more than a friendship..remember also to set up a meeting with her face to face..Women are far more persuable at a face value
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