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Thread: Dilemma

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    Mystery_wannabe Guest

    Exclamation Dilemma

    Hey guys I've got a dilemma and I need your advice quick! Tomorrow is the last chance I'm going to ever see girl A until our break ends (2 weeks).

    Ragr and I were talking on IM just a few minutes ago and basically I told him that girl A had confessed to me at one point indirectly (pretends to be playful) and I had missed the chance (it was about a month ago). He's telling me to throw everything I've got at her to give it one last go (he suggests me to confess).

    I've had a chance to meet her about a day ago and I've tried to Kino her a lot harder (I wrapped my hand around her (like a bf would hold onto his gf) since she kept saying she was cold. I touched her a few times on the arm and her head. She didn't push me away or anything.

    I don't know if I'm being overly sensitive but I'm just reporting every detail I back. She told me she didn't recognize me when she saw me (I had a hair cut) and she said "what happened to your hair?" <- I don't know if this is supposed to be a good/bad thing. Nevertheless she still did hair brushing and I didn't think my hair was bad at all because I've had other girls in that study room checking me out before she came.

    I appeared a lot more confident as my inner game became a lot more stronger when matched with my outer game. I just didn't get to the kiss part.

    Ok folks, should I try and throw the last attempt at her? Should I just walk away knowing I only have a 5% chance success rate at this point? One issue is since we haven't seen each other for about a week things might've cooled down and I'm worried that maybe the issue. She's also brought up her bf a few times during our conversation.

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    slasherguy Guest

    Default Re: Dilemma

    I think you should try a last shot on her bro. You'll never know what would be her response to it unless you try, right?


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