Sooo any advice with a young pro? I have no game and just started reading a hundred stuff. Long story short, just broke up with my girl. bro told me to go have a rebound night even if I have to pay. Girl was really cool, but nervous probably fairly new but perky. Would love to even just be platonic friends, but I'm pretty sure it's against some unwritten rule to txt her for anything beyond sex.

It's there anything in the pua knowledge base that can successfully game this highly fckd up situation? Oh just read that thread on Asians, she's an int student, trying to get through college with no help, studies hard and isn't an airhead. Think she's single, not that I've any idea how to ask without seeming needy.

Stupidly told her I was rebounding from a LTR, just offered that excuse like the insecure chump I really am. As for my (lack of game), only thing I have going for me is a decent face and a self depreciating humor that didn't really translate to well over txt. At advice on getting her on a date or is this an impossible scenario?