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    Cool Reinitiate after Freeze Out and Flake

    Met this HB8 over a week ago. She would always text me nonstop and I would always mix up the response time to keep things fresh and whatnot. I tried to meet up with her ASAP but I've been sick with a stomach virus up until recently. Few days ago I made a surprise visit to catch her off guard at work. Talked for a bit, had a good convo...I was pulling most of the weight since she seemed nervous and was blushing occasionally. Acted confident and alpha the entire time. Told her to meet me at XYZ, she, smiled, agreed, and I walked out.

    Few days go by and I didn't text her. I was swamped with projects, finals, etc. and just didn't get around to making conversation. I don't like texting someone just for the sake of making conversation if it's not worthwhile.

    It's the day of the supposed date and a few hours before I get a text saying "I won't be able to make it tonight. I"m sorry". It didn't phase me one bit lol. I called another girl up and went out for some drinks until the early morning.

    To summarize, I haven't spoken to the HB8 since I met her at work (4 days total), and I didn't respond to her text when she flaked. My question is, what kind of opener should I use and give off that vibe that it never happened? She always gave me ioi's, sent some "teasing" pics, constantly said how hot I was. So for whatever reason that she flaked, I'm not sure why but it doesn't matter to me. However, I'm still interested and would I would like to approach this from the best angle possible. Any input is appreciated...thanks

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    Default Re: Reinitiate after Freeze Out and Flake

    For openers I'd probably make something up like "I'm curious, what's the corniest opener you've ever used on a guy?" It's a conversational opener to initiate even though you don't like texting without it being worthwhile. Plus it gets women talking while being light hearted and humorous as well.
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