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    Default My okcupid game - bringing up sex (critiques wanted)

    I've been working on my online game a lot recently and I've been taking all the advice you guys have been giving me. There's a HB7.5 that I got into the sex talk with.

    (Word of advice on bringing up sex..........try talking about books! I'm a college kid so it goes with the territory but I found a book called My Secret Garden. Look it up, its about women's sexual fantasies.) It worked and this is the part of our convo where the sex talk started.

    If you guys could give me advice on any mistakes I made or areas I could improve on, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, where should I take this conversation? I'm thinking of going for the meet up now or would that be too soon?


    Her: Well, I'm actually a pretty kinky person, people are really surprised by this for some reason. One fantasy I've played out was a three some. That was a lot of fun. If you want more than one, also rope bondage, and spanking are a few fun ones....

    Me: When you say threesome, do you mean 2 girls, 1 guy or 2 guys and yourself?
    I've never tried rope bondage personally, but I heard its a real good time.

    Any recent fantasies that you've been thinking about?

    Her: Two girls, one guy. I've also been in a fourway, 2 girls 2 guys. That shit gets complicated though. The ropes are fun. They can take some time to do, and it's important that it's not too tight!

    That's for me to know, and maybe you'll find out at some point.

    Me: Thats cool and the fourway does sound complicated haha. Which one did you enjoy more?

    I'm about to get off this but if you're up for texting, my number is xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Her: The 3 some. The other girl was really hot. And it was just a super fun, chill night over all.

    Me: They usually are haha. I been having this fantasy of sex while hiking. It's risky but the rush it what does

    Her: that's one I haven't done, sex in the woods somewhere on a hike. I want to do it though. I've done it in a car of course, the rush would be much greater outdoors though

    How should I proceed knowing she wants the pen15 in the woods? Haha

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    Default Re: My okcupid game - bringing up sex (critiques wanted)

    Stop talking about sex and meet up. Guys do too much verbalizing. Subtle comments here and there are fine, but it's hard enough to meet girls online without throwing the ASD (Anti-Slut Defense) that goes up once a girl realizes she's said more than she wants to and now can be considered a slut if she sleeps with you.

    Have you started texting yet?
    The Official Tinder Playbook--> m <--Stop swiping, start hooking up

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    Default Re: My okcupid game - bringing up sex (critiques wanted)

    cdharders is right man. At this point you really have nothing yet. For all you know it's a fake profile and it's really some creepy 65 year old dude sexting you for kicks.

    I did the online thing a year ago. Normally I would do about 5-7 email exchanges, get her number and start texting her. I would then add her on Facebook just to confirm she actually looks like her online pictures. If everything checked out I would go for the meet up. You want to quickly separate yourself from being just a dude she is chatting with online. Also, sometimes sexualizing too early will make her feel uncomfortable later since she will feel like you'll be expecting sex right away when you meet up. Even though it may be what she wants, she doesn't want to feel like a slut. There are always exceptions though!

    Online chat->Texting->Phone->Date-> Nut

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