Rooster in da house!! lol

Ive been doing a lot of shit in my life lately to push the limit on how far I can push myself. I'm doing work 60 hours a week, working out 4 days a week and doing nite game near on every nite and during this time ive found little games I started to play on myself to up productivity and lower stress.

How To Work Long Hours And Not Get Tired

-Everything you hate, you hate cause of the view you took of it. If you have a negative emotion towards an action you have to take on a regular basis its going to sap you of energy. You'll end the day going home from work and collapsing in bed.

-Reframe it. By taking this emotion it leeches all your willpower and by the end of the day it will cause you to have none left at the end. Everything I have to do to further myself in life i force a positive emotion into. For sales, I view myself as kobe bryan coming onto the court about to kill it and make hundreds. Flying all over the lot hitting up customers. making slam dunks. If you have to do it to further your life reframe it positvely to make no effort and even fun to do. Become passionate about that thing you hate.

How to Trick Yourself Out Of Procrastination

-If you haven't done something in a while you probably find it even hard to leave your house. To build momentum back in that area. Like if you haven't gone out and gamed for a while. You probably don't want to do it.

-What do i do to trick myself into doing it. If you're at the stage where youre pulling girls for sex you know you have to babystep the interaction. Get her to go stand by the door, to stand outside to walk up the street with you and then to sit in your car. You don't ask her if she wants to go to the car off the bat. thats too much investment. You first ask her to stand by the door, then outside ect ect.

I do the same with myself. I talk myself into the car by thinking about the awesome music im going to listen to on the radio. Then into a nice leasurely drive and before i know it im in front of the gym ready to put in some reps.

I have many things like this I've found i've been doing subcontiously. As I figure them out I'll throw them up.