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    Default Say its not so, Should i change my jaded view

    I am starting to think that the Mindset of a PUA is the only way to deal with women. I am already quite jaded into thinking that I can never fully give myself to just one woman, I also do not believe that I can completely trust people in general. Since I have been studying game I just continue to notice the flaws in things, such as marriages that some couples are involved in and how some guys really get screwed over. Not to mention most of those guys are not getting the pussy no more then twice a week, if that. Maybe there are some women out there who are worth it? Or must I always play the frame

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    Default Re: Say its not so, Should i change my jaded view

    Lol it's not like the mafia, the only way you get out is when you're dead. Honestly I believe those who think they have found "the one" should not do Pick Up anymore. So if you find a woman who's worth it then you should forget gaming her, because the word "gaming" isn't for guys who met "the one". So all rules in my opinion can be broken when you believe you have found "the one", just know when you do that it'll be leaving yourself open an vulnerable so be careful when you think you've found "the one"
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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