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    Default Dont know how to initiate

    Ok - So im in a bit of a weird situation.

    This girl i approached a few weeks back, had a general conversation with her did not get her number, but that was cool cause i knew she was pretty in to me

    See her couple days later, she is like "Take my number, we are going to this Restaurant tonight" I hit her up at the place, big group of ppl we all just chillin eating tocos and shit

    So, i really dont know how to innate contact with her via text, i hit her up twice already

    1. I'm going to starbucks later (on campus) you should join me.
    her: Sorry i cant, i have Graduation ceremony

    (not sure if thats a flake, but she legit did have this graduation lol)

    2. Me and some friends gonna hit up a hookah spot sat, your more than welcome to join.
    her: Thank you for the invite, ill see cz i woke a double sat. (she works at this popular wing place around town)

    again, could be a flake but seems like a legit reason cause sats are busy for wing/bars like this.

    My question is to you all, she may be flaking, but all of which seem like legit reasons to me, do i keep asking her to hang out? how do i innate contact with her via text, as all my text have been just stright to the point, no hi's or anything, just "lets hang out, date,time"

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    Default Re: Dont know how to initiate

    Ask "What's your schedule like this week ?"

    Until holidays are over, it's tough to get girls out, but just picking a day and time and hoping it works for the girl is a recipe for her to turn you down.

    Both her excuses are very realistic. Just hold off. Ask how the ceremony was, then maybe a text or two later, ask her schedule. Otherwise, your getting yourself into trouble.
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