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    Exclamation Help Keeping Texts Interesting With Ex's Friend

    The first paragraph is kind of a foreword, so it's not necessary to read it to help me, it just explains why I'm putting so much effort into this girl.

    Well for anyone who has read some of my posts, by now you know I have an ex that I broke up with about 4 months ago. You also probably know that she blocked all communications after I contacted her after 2 months of NC and I have been NC since (although her aunt called me a couple times asking if I had her number, which I didn't). Anyway, the reason this matters is that by chance I added a girl who hangs out with her on FB (I didn't know until she brought it up) who actually is a HB7 or HB8. So this is why it's more important (to me) that I get somewhere with this girl so I want to minimize any screw ups from right now. Getting with this girl will accomplish a couple things. Shows my ex that I'm desired and will make her jealous and will make it where she can't act like I never existed and will give a chance to open up the opportunity to possibly reconciliate if things go that direction.

    So when this girl accepted my friend request she immediately liked a couple of my photos, which gave me the open to start talking to her. It started out real smooth, I got her to tell me a couple anecdotes about her recent life and let her know that I find her attractive (which she told me in return, she even went and commented on one of my pics and said I was cute) and got her number and her Snapchat ID. Well we texted and messaged each other on Facebook (held a separate conversation on each way of communicating) well into about 3 AM where I sent her a message on FB and she read it but did not reply, so I told her I had to go to bed for work in the morning. In the conversation on text she asked if I knew [ex's name] to which I replied and said something like "yeah, why? I don't like that bitch lol" and had a 3 text exchange about her and how she knew her (which she said that shes friends with her boyfriend, in my head I thought GOLD because I'm a very vengeful person and realized I could use this to my advantage lol). On Facebook we had a flirty conversation to which I made a couple comments about her taking me to a movie (which I will show below) which I was flirty but didn't get a definite answer because she doesn't have her car yet but she said shed come down to see me when she gets it. Heres my conversation so you guys can tell me what I did wrong.

    Movie convo:
    Me: you should come up here to see me sometime
    Her: I can do that
    Me: I've been wanting to see catching fire
    Her: Me too! !
    Me: alright, its going to be your fault if i never get to see it
    Her: Lol Why? !
    Me: I'll never get to it
    Her: Why not? !
    Me: cause your going to be the one taking me
    Her: Lol oh Why is that?
    Me: this isnt 20 questions damn it
    Her: How come?
    Me: ok, i can do it right back
    Me: how come what?
    Her: Lol bitch
    Me: i dont believe ive had a penis penetrate my body before
    Me: therefore i mame, am not a bitch
    Her: Lolololol your funny
    Me: thats how i make my friends
    Her: Lol good deal

    That was last night (which is when I first added her). So today I texted her but I keep struggling to keep it interesting. I try to make statements that will prompt her to answer questions that I have and I try to tease her but it seems hard. Heres an example, she always responds with things that are hard to work with to make the conversation more interesting:

    Me: Hey ms Im not going to smoke anymore, I found a sexy piece at things and things (we both smoke weed, but she said shes going to stop)
    Her: Get it!
    Me: Only if you'll come test it with me
    Her: For sure!
    Me: Whats your favorite thing to do when your high?
    Her Eat. Lolol. Cruise. Idk

    You guys get the point. How do I respond to these kind of answers with something fun to say? Also, I would like some help smoothly transitioning into sexual conversation so I can make sure I'm not friend zoned. We Snapchated a little to day but she hasn't responded since around 6 but she received the message and I messaged her on Facebook saying something like "Whats up poser " which I was planning on saying something like "you are a poser, you pose for me in all those pics you sent me " but she read my message and never replied, so idk. How should I start off the next conversation? And when and how should I talk her into coming to see me? Remember shes not going to have a car for a week or two and I don't have my own. Also I'd like some tips on getting her to want to text me first.

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    Default Re: Help Keeping Texts Interesting With Ex's Friend

    It seems like you only need to build more comfort and rapport. It'll take time for that. Get to know her more and you'll have many things to talk about
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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