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    Default Text Fail How to respond?

    I'm 42, meet 44 yr old online with kids who lives 2 hrs from me up in Atlanta. We hit it off with txt'ing and have good first date. We never could sync up schedules for a 2nd date after about a month and then i get injury breaking some ribs and knee issue.

    Txts get less frequent, and notice she didn't initiate one asking how i was after getting hurt. I bring up second date again, i back off. I send one on Christmas and we exchange short Happy Christmas txt. I send one New Years day and got a bad response.

    Background - I was in her city with 2 other girls, one being my ex-wife at a NYE concert downtown. The girls were tagging me in photos and updates on FB...stayed overnight then we all drove back home. Atlanta girl had to have been creeping or checking up on me based on response.

    Me - Great MSU win. Happy New Year.
    Her - Happy New Year. Your in town?
    Me - Unfortunately back in Auburn, was up for a WSP show.
    Her - Awesome! So you were in town, but no contact?! How about you stop txting me.....
    Me (8 hrs later) - Wow....glad MSU won or are you just a closet WSP fan and upset at not going?! No response from you weeks back so not understanding comments....

    Is she jealous, FB stalking me? Do i just need to move on...I mean we only had one date, she doesn't initiate txt's, and acts mad when i had other plans? She doesn't appear to be dating and has her kids most of the time and i'm not blowing her phone up at all. I generally try to stay friendly with girls i've dated for future options so this kind of threw me....Any good responses?

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    Default Re: Text Fail How to respond?

    Wait at least 2 weeks to text again. If you didn't plan to see her, there was no reason to tell her you were in town. You were kind of texting with no purpose.
    The last text you sent was very reactive. If you had just not responded to her last message, she may have later realized she was being ridiculous and apologized, but your response back just confirmed everything she was already thinking.
    Likely past recovery, think about these for what to fix next time you're in a similar situation. In 2 weeks send her a light message.
    The Official Tinder Playbook--> m <--Stop swiping, start hooking up

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