I was hoping that you guys could help me with an issue I'm having with my gf. She started off as a fuck buddy and now we have been seriously dating a couple months. All in all we have just been sleeping with each other for over 6months. I used to go to her place but in the last couple months her cousin moved in with her so I can't go over there. When it was just f buddy we would see each other about once a week but sometimes we would take weeks off when she goes out of town etc.

When I am with her it is great. The problem is 1. I live by train an hour an half away. She complains about taking the train to see me, though I would always do it, and when she really doesn't update me on her schedule so its really all on her time when she can see me. Basically she really won't go out of her way to make the sacrifice. She has does it a couple times though. Now she doesn't want to because of the cold which I understand. I explained to her this isn't like f buddy time and we should see each other once a week, plus we have amazing sex so i mean come on. I don't want to have to feel like i have to ask a million questions to find out whats going on with a "maybe if i don't have to work i can see you friday" and later a text like "i can't see you until next week sorry"

She is 7 years younger and comes from a different culture/country so is a lot more blunt. I don't want to have to feel like I'm some needy whiny girl to wanna see my gf once a week. Or if she is busy have her say listen I can't see you, I want to but here is why I can't do it,etc,etc. Or just suck it up on the train. Her seeing other guys or cheating isn't the issue at all, and if posters disagree i'm looking for advice giving me the benefit of the doubt.

In the past with girlfriends I've always said ok no problem do what you want sweety,etc,etc. I've also which I have done with this one, is to get stern and angry and basically be like stop acting so selfish if you wanna see me make time. Now a part of me just wants to not respond, and give her the Freeze Out for a little while.

Question? Will this make me seem pouty like a little kid? I almost feel like when you are in a relationship and you can't see the person and text is mostly what you have (since our schedules make it hard to talk) this just even further distances ourselves. I don't wanna create a precedent where it seems like I'm in control Freezing Her Out but from her end she can do whatever she wants, let me know and then its easy cause i don't bug her until she is ready to hang out again.

Last note as I said before she does work a lot, but there have been a couple times i just don't think she wanted to make the trek