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Thread: Whats the protocol for this?

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    Default Whats the protocol for this?

    been talking to this girl a little bit. a few months. and the last time we talked was via phone/text. it was 4 days ago in which I initiated comversation. it was 6 hours of text and 2 phone calls between 11pm and 5am. IT WAS FANTASTIC. and i was on my game killn it! in fact i fell asleep and thats when she ended up calling me wanting to talk more. Within that conversation she also said that she misses me.

    My problem is....I initiated that conversation and the one a couple days before it. as of today 5 days later she has not gotten ahold of me to talk. no intiation. however she has been active on social networks.

    Should i hold my ground and not initiate again? why would she go cold after such a great night? I was honestly expecting her to initiate within 2 days of that conversation. and here i am at the 5 day mark slightly confused.

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    Default Re: Whats the protocol for this?

    Without knowing the whole situation I'll go out on a limb... It sounds like you built a lot of comfort without securing a date. Talk to her again, get her in an interested state of mind again and set up a date.

    Fear of closing will be a thorn in your side until you stand up to it.

    As for who initiates, I don't personally put that much thought into it. It's fun to get her chasing and can be a good micro-goal during certain interactions, but it's no reason to throw away the rest of your game.

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