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Thread: Back again on POF & FB and we have a contestant

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    Default Back again on POF & FB and we have a contestant

    Okay so normally like I say on here screw the heck with FB, POF, shoot any online stuff. Too much drama on there as of late. But well I was reading the forum and some guy was talking about POF so I jumped back on POF. Ran across a few targets hit a winner winner chicken dinner. Perfect contestant for smash and grab. Kinda young (she's 20 and I am 30) but she has got a slamming bod and I would say a 9 judging from the profile.

    So I hit her up...and well got sunk dead in the water. No no lol she didn't reject me. She blocked everyone's incoming mail except for her favorites and matches or something! Way turbo physco chick. Is this some kind of joke? The error in POF says "This user only accepts messages from matches try messaging a match." WTF? I know this is a fun little game for her as chicks are stepping it up. Girls are so easy man, putting their first name and name of their work so easy to find them on FB. And bingo! Found her on FB but can't message her till she accepts my friend request. So my gameplan is simple. Bring out the big guns. I get my tatt in like 2 weeks and going to get some good pics on my FB page then send her a request.

    This girl is smash and grab written all over her. Doesn't look like GF material at all playing some serious games. My question is should I call her work? Show up there? It is clearly listed on her FB page. I know it is going to give me some major creeper status initially if she turns down my FB request as I'll have no way to message her and may have to call her work. The way I see it if I don't talk to her I get nothing. But if I talk to her....well something might happen. Will update if anything happens. I've got my pre-frame ready strait annihilation hard driving the ball home. Aggressive like. Chicks like that about me (when it's not too needy). She's so young not going to go for GF status. But I need advice even though normally I wouldn't do this as I rely on my massive skills sarging.

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    Default Re: Back again on POF & FB and we have a contestant

    Unless she's a sales person or something showing up or calling the work of someone you've never met before to hit on her will not only get you creeper status but probably also stalker status and maybe a visit by the cops or a restraining order. It's too aggressive. If she friends you then talk that way and if not move on to the next girl. What makes you so sure this girl is going to like you when you haven't met her? There's tons of girls on POF anyways so you should be able to find another who's similar to her.

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    Default Re: Back again on POF & FB and we have a contestant

    You can't contact her because of a somewhat new policy POF has implemented that disallows people from contacting users that they have deemed "too young for them".

    I am 29 and I can contact anyone as young as 20. I believe when I turn 30 the youngest girls I'll be able to contact will be 22. I believe I read that the system they use is actually half-your-age-plus-7.. But in that case I wouldn't be able to contact anyone under 21. Hmph.

    Most girls don't even realize this is a thing. A lot of the 20 year old girls would probably have no problem with 30 year old guys messaging them.. Won't ever happen though.

    Now that the knowledge has been thrown your way; This is one girl on a dating site. I'd say keep moving, dude. It is called 'plenty of fish' after all, and it's true.

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