Hey gents,

Here's a quick little write up of a favorite technique of mine that facilitates FB gaming (i wrote this up as a response to someone else query but its worth repeating and giving it its due).

There's no doubt about it...you have to be decent looking to game on FB. Either that or have pics that make you look better than you are... because at the end of the day the success of your friend request will most likely be decided by your profile pic. Cool professional style shots are really helpful as they raise your dhv. (Why does he have pro shots? Does he model? Was this for an article? etc)

Even if you are great looking (or have great pics) you will have to be patient. i mean P A T I E N T. Some of the hottest girls ive hooked up with have been FB hook ups. Models and actresses. I like to employ a snake-in-the-grass approach. I friend them and forget them. Then maybe 5 weeks later drop a nice neg on a newly posted pic (ex. "Nice pic, but i'm not sure about the shoes") then say nothing more. Even if she responds. Then maybe a month after I may comment on a pic after a bunch of AFCs have dropped compliments to point out how socially inept they are ("Some rogues gallery you have here. Thirsty much?") Then I disappear. All the while im very careful about my status updates. Constantly DHVing with well-rounded, smart, funny, posts over the intervening time. Eventually, likely when shes forgotten how you even got on her friends list or if shes actually met you, you open her with a nice funny/cocky PM when she's online (and only if she's online).

In fact timing is critical. Its better the later in the night this is. 3am is perfect. She's likely alone and bored. Sometimes when they visit family around the holidays is good as they are usually cooped up in some house up north with nothing to do but surf the web. If you do this right she will accept you as an aquintance eventhough she's never met you. Why? Because all the while she's noticed your FB pic pop up next to some cool post, or funny pic, or interesting video (try not to change your avatar too much btw as we subconsciously ascribe personalities and names to those pics). She will likely remember seeing you comment. She might even remember how cool you were about it. Even on a subconscious level. At that point its up to your chat/text game.

I've pulled HB8s and HB9s and even HB10s this way. Some took over a year from friend req to fruition (some took 2 yrs). Its a long term investment system not meant as a primary pull method. Its there to supplement your normal day-to-day sarging. You have to befriend a bunch of girls too because its really a numbers gain. In essence you are trolling. Looking for the weak gazelles when they are at their weakest before you pounce.

Good luck and hope this helps. Would love to hear some more strategies too!