***Disclaimer*** If you want tips, you won't find them here. I'm just a smartass.

So at this point I have one girl I regularly see and a handful of flirty orbiters I text all the time just to build state and detach myself from outcome dependency.

The other night I have two of them texting me and I had some inane idea/practical joke that went like this.

M = Me.
1 = First girl.
2 = Second girl.

M to 1: Hey
1 to M: Hey sexy, whats up
M to 2: Hey sexy, whats up
2 to M: Just got out of the shower, you?
M to 1: Just got out of the shower, you?
1 to M: Oh nice. So you wearing a towel or...?
M to 2: Oh nice. So you wearing a towel or...?

This carried on for quite a while until somebody mentioned my cock and it just wouldn't make sense for me to continue copying messages from one girl and pasting it to the other one. I thought it was pretty cool though because it started off as if I was facilitating some lesbian sexting scene.

Anyway, last night I was heading out to spend the night with my FB and I texted 1 girl something along the lines of: "Do me a favour. Describe something realllly hot you want me to do to you. Give as much detail as possible."

Then I walked out the door. By time I got to my FB's house she had replied with a huge saucy message that I probably am not allowed to post here. When I stepped in the door, I didn't say a word. Not even hello. I just did exactly what was described in the message.

Was it the best sex ever? No.
Is outsourcing your sex ideas a good idea? No.
Was it a fun change? Actually, yes.
Would I do it again? I have no idea. Maybe.