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    Default Talking to old flame

    Hey guys, I started talking to a girl I dated a while for and broke off after. I started to text slow first 2 days and I decided to fire the convo a bit up after reading about texting, and people getting friendzoned. I'm terrible at texting so, any advice on what I could do better and how to followup?

    ME :Im at a bar and they giving out shots called "black bitch", reminded me of u!
    SHE: hahaha, which part... black or the bitch? :P
    ME: u know why!~Its just that I keep attracting these bad girls, they only want one thing.
    SHE: Hahah, scored something last night?
    ME: Ure a curious girl... No wait ure a curious bad girl...
    ME: Warning: I flirt crazy with girls like u!
    SHE: Girls like me huh? You know we aren't easy to catch
    ME: Your cute when u act like this!
    ME: If by some chance we get married I know what song will play when we walk out of the church.
    SHE: Hmmm, I love bad bitches by drake?
    ME: Even though i got something in common with that song. Was more thinking about Bad Girl- Usher
    SHE: I wonder how come you think I could be bad... Im innocent.
    ME: I wont judge u for being sexual, its natural
    SHE: Hahaha woww

    Any advice would be great! -Wizzz

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    Default Re: Talking to old flame

    If you have slept with her: Stop
    If you haven't: stop double texting, stop being sexual and set up a meet up.

    She is more likely to be bad if you tell her she is too nice or good or sweet than if you tell her she's bad. The more sexual you get in conversation and the more she talks about it, the worse it is for you.

    Just set up a meet up.
    The Official Tinder Playbook--> m <--Stop swiping, start hooking up

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