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Thread: Instant Qualification: by T-Mal

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    Default Instant Qualification: by T-Mal

    Question: What's one way to determine if a girl is interested?

    Answer: When she begins to qualify herself to you.

    If you make a comment or ask a question & a girl responds enthusiastically, sounding like she's trying to impress you or express commonalities, she is definitely interested.

    She's trying to qualify herself as being "perfect for you", in order to get your attention & hopefully make you want to continue interacting with her.

    Also- sometimes they'll throw in a non sequitur.. which is a statement that is not connected in a logical or clear way to anything previously said. (Usually meant to impress & express value.)

    Here's an example of how sending one message on OKC, resulted in the girl instantly qualifying herself to me, AND throwing in more than one non sequitur.

    I wrote:
    So, you're somewhat of a foodie I noticed... I'm a sushi fanatic especially, but love trying all kinds of new things.
    I'm currently on the hunt for sushi around this area. (I got spoiled in Nashville). Ohhh, and margaritas too!!
    Any suggestions?


    Her Reply:
    Sushi is my absolute FAVORITE food!! I can never find anyone who enjoys it like i do! I'm pescaterian (vegetarian who eats seafood) so i love all kinds of seafood. Italian is a close second. I love trying new things. I will try anything once. Twice if it scares me lol.

    I'm a true adrenaline junkie and anything fast will will get my blood boiling. I like not knowing what's going to happen tomorrow or even next month. I guess you could say I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl! Haha

    You should read my questions. I was completely honest, even when i thought it might not sit well with ppl. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how similar we are.

    As far as sushi in your area,i have no idea,I live in Lake Orion,But.....i could accompany you to my favorite one here

    So, if you ever notice a girl responding to you in similar fashion, those are CLEAR ioi's. She is interested & you need to start flirting big time!
    Getting her number AND the kiss will be a breeze.

    This particular girl was probably just super stoked because my message wasn't one of the usual lame pieces of crap that most guys send her.
    That's most likely the reason why she's over-enthusiastic in her response. (Because, after all, I didn't exactly really say anything clever or brilliant... LOL!!)


    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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    Default Re: Instant Qualification: by T-Mal

    Awesome post, T-Mal. Realizing that a girl is qualifying herself to you, and thus beginning to become attracted, is key in building more confidence throughout the conversation. Really stepped my game up with these types of situations!

    "She'll forgive you for being a man...but she WON'T forgive you for being a p*ssy"

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