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Thread: How to deal with someone flirting with your girl in front of you?

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    Question How to deal with someone flirting with your girl in front of you?

    So this question arose because of a drunk conversation I had with a buddy about how women need to catch up to us and we shouldn't be putting all our efforts into them because most of them are fake. This eventually lead to us talking about shit our ex's have done that really pissed us off, which of course, included the things that made us jealous, them having guy friends who have a thing for them. Now my story is that an ex had this male friend that she used to get rides everywhere, as neither of us had a car at the time, and he had an obvious thing for her and would subtly flirt with her RIGHT in front of me. The whole time I'd have flaring rage to get up and punch the shit out of the dude but I refrained knowing I'd be stranded because the dude was our only ride. Well looking back I wish I would of said something but it's too late, so I need to analyze these kinds of situations for the future.

    So looking at it from a PUA point of view, I think that getting angry about it would show insecurity so I'm not sure if thats truly the right thing to do. The thing the dude did that I wanted to just punch him out for was he took a bite without asking out of my exs food and was like "that was for the ride" with a flirty smile. I know she didn't have a thing for him back because after we broke up she turned him down (but went to a different guy friend after that) but I still would argue with her and shit because back then I was extremely jealous and would freak out whenever she started talking to other guys at all, which I believe ultimately lead to the break up. How should I handle these types of situations without seeming insecure but still holding my ground?

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    Default Re: How to deal with someone flirting with your girl in front of you?

    Instead of focusing on protecting your girl, focusing on gaming the guy. If a guy came up to your girl and tried to game her, immediately join in on the conversation and draw his focus. Get a really great and entertaining conversation going, and then simply tell him "well, it was nice to meet / chat with you. I'll see you latter". Unless he's a jerk who doesn't get the point, he will bow out and leave whether he wants to or not.

    In the past situation with your ex, you were absolutely right in withholding yourself. If you reacted to his flirting in a bad way, it would have left a huge negative impact on you. As with before, you definitely would have been able to stop him by engaging more with him instead of your girl. Get him involved with you and not so much your girlfriend. On the flip-side, when he isn't around, prove to your girl that you are a man of high caliber and interest.

    Everything in a nutshell: reverse-psychology / alpha male game on the men, DHVs on the women.
    "There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time." - Malcolm X

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