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Thread: Requirements for becoming the Best Seducer you can be

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    Default Requirements for becoming the Best Seducer you can be

    Well guys if you really care about becoming a better seducer/PUA as I do then I STRONGLY recommend you learn these skills:

    1. EYE CONTACT: This is one of the top. Eye contact shows a sense of trust and conveys interest to the girl. It also shows that you're confident and don't be feel threatened by her and it subconsciously shows that there is an understanding between the two of you.

    2. VOICE TONALITY: Depending on your voice tonality it can either demonstrate confidence or lack of confidence. Don't be in a rush to finish what you're saying because you're scared she might get bored( remember you're in charge and what you got to say is important). Slow and Steady is very much recommended with voice tonality. Always pause before you speak to not appear desperate and to show that you're really listening to her instead of only HEARING it just to wait for your turn to speak.

    3. NONVERBAL/BODY LANGUAGE: Most important, youtube and google it!! This is the key to everything, you can be the best seducer and the best in every other field but if you don't have the right body language and can't interpret other people body language then you should just give up. MUST LEARN FOR EVERYONE!!!!!

    4. KEEPING CALM UNDER PRESSURE: learn how to be flexible in different/unexpected situations sometimes things may not go your way and the girl may not go in the direction you want. Learn to be calm and flexible to think clearly in situations like that. ( That's epecially for Sh1t Tests). Think of Hank Moody when he's having fun and doesn't care what the girl throws his way. Always think of the Unexpected and how to overcome it.

    5. Learn how to pay attention to the girl and the environment: Be aware of the situation you're in and the surrounding.

    6.Don't take EVERYTHING personally!!: Everyone gets rejected, don't take it personally. Pick yourself up, learn from your mistake and get better.

    7. YOU CANNOT SEDUCE EVERY GIRL!! : Self explanatory, it's not possible to seduce every girl, so don't get frustrated if you fail sometimes.
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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    Default Re: Requirements for becoming the Best Seducer you can be

    Great tips! I'd personally ignore the 7th point. Whether or not it's possible to seduce any girl, I think it's healthier to know it's possible; otherwise, you psyche yourself out before it even starts. It is important to be disconnected from the result, so if she does reject you, you don't flip out
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