sorry if this is in the wrong category and if the title doesn't quiet make sense....

basically I went to view a house last week was shown around by a nice girl my age, lived close by but didn't catch her name. 3 days later I saw her at the gym I use and she recognised me and we had a brief chat about a number of a work mate she had given me (deals with financial advise to help get the ball rolling on mortgages) anyway I said no I hadn't got round to it when id actually forgot.

anyway I found her name, found her on facebook like you do but without bumping into her at the gym or viewing a ton more houses just to see her I need a way to stat talking to her and build from there.

I was thinking a fb message saying sorry but I lost the guys number etc but im not to keen on this idea and now ive seen her pics I recognise her from pof awhile back but no longer on there also fb says single so know shes single and looking but how do I build on whats already happened. hope a tiny bit of this makes sense