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    Default New Inner-Game Technique I Invented

    Hey everybody!

    As I've been improving in my pick-up, I've really begun to write my own routines, try my own techniques, revamp my entire lifestyle, and truly put my head into pick-up.

    I came up with a state-based inner-game visualization technique, that can make you feel like "That Guy." As we all know, of course, about 85% of our attractiveness is in our mind-set.

    The truth about sub-communications is that we can't micro-manage all of them. That is genetically impossible-- there is so much more to our sub-communications than basic body language, vocal tonality, and actions. There are some (as in MANY) things that we can not consciously control. So, the only way to control these sub-communications is to work on our belief-systems and identity.... the real decider of whether we're attractive or not.

    Are you still listening? GOOD.

    Remember the first time you ever smoked a cigarette? That very first time that you had the cigarette in your mouth? How fucking cool did you feel? Or what about that time you were wearing some really cool shades. You felt like a total boss, right?

    Perhaps it was some other circumstance, but think right now about that moment where you felt like the coolest, most attractive guy in the world. That is your catalyst. For this process, you need a catalyst to create the result.

    Here's how to use the catalyst... As you're walking, standing, or just plain existing in-field, imagine that you are that cool guy. Whenever I need a quick to my sub-communications (like the ones I can't humanly control), I envision myself as a James-Bond like character, or a Tyler Durden (fight club, not RSD) character.

    It works like a charm, and gets you into state. Test different catalysts out, and find which one works for you!

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    Default Re: New Inner-Game Technique I Invented

    Very nice technique, but unfortunately you are not the first person to come up with this. This all falls into the category of a positive Mindset, and what you just described is visualization. Many Professionals recommend doing it to plan out your routines and build confidence for when you are actually doing them. I even remember that Tyler Durden covered this topic intensely during his lecture series.

    Vin Dicarlo, Cory Skyy, Tyler Durden, and several other artists all talk about this stuff, and it's worth dipping into.
    "There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time." - Malcolm X

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