I know this air stewardess girl through a phone dating app and we talked about meeting each other. The first time, she suggested afternoon that day itself as I have work at night. When i told her I needed to report to a place before 4.45pm she just MIAed and not reply. I msg her again at about 5pm that she told me to meet in the afternoon but she MIA herself and she told me sorry, next time and she commented that I'm also busy anyway. I knew she has flight the day after tomorrow so I just casually suggested meet when she comes back then but she suggested tomorrow instead. I agree and she thought I was going to drive and ask me if I could fetch her. I said she will will lucky if I can get the car but most probably not and mock her for being materialistic. She said shes just lazy to take public transport and squeeze in it but she don mind. Then when I decided the time and place after many hours later, she told me sorry shes not free. So Im being flaked twice in a day and she never explain much. How should i continue next time and Im not sure when she will be in the country as well. Sorry for the long post!