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    bloodDiamond Guest

    Default Re: Help: I think I'm getting gamed, instead of doing the gaming...

    Quote Originally Posted by Ridikulus View Post
    Dude, the thing about respect is you COMMAND it. You don't DEMAND it. And yeah, you have to EARN it. And when the girls you're gaming see that you're so easily rattled, or if they just see other guys treating you like sh!t, then they won't be impressed by them... and you. They'd feel sorry for you though and that's a shortcut to the friend zone.
    Ridikulus is right. So buld up your confidence so that you can keep up with the AMOGs around you when you are sarging a girl. It is aboslutely SH*T to just end up in a friendzone because the girl feels sorry for you being rattled by other guys.

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    Loner Guest

    Lightbulb Re: Help: I think I'm getting gamed, instead of doing the gaming...

    MAN! its been forever! guys sry i havent been on since the 6th, ive been taking care of some MAJOR BUSINESS! Good news, ALL AROUND !

    First, the immediate problem (kissing in front of me) has COMPLETELY STOPPED!!!!!!!! Major relief! NO kissing action at all (for all i know) and what is out of sight, will soon be out of mind! I did this by treating the situation as an LMR, she responded to it immediately; and after about a day of NO Kino, it was a Major turnaround! She still getting the no response, instead after the first day, i started sarging her friends (a 7) to show that she's changing and i'm the same luvable and super connective guy!

    Second, the guy is gone (not really a problem)

    Third, (what i posted on the 6th) the asses were PUT IN CHECK! SO I acted real serious, stopped all the cocky funny like I normally do and BAM! INSTANT EFFECTIVE! Once they started giving me the respect I deserve (I started to command it *i didnt read anything after the 6th, i vowed to find a solution or I have no right to become a PUA *) but life is A BICH! A day after the new found respect, I'm in the lunch room and BAM~ I get nailed with a cheezit, I WAS SO PISSED (cause power is addicting, once you get it you dont want it taken away ) I stand up GRAB THE CHEEZIT and walk to the table where it came from. I'm 6 about 6'1 and so not knowing how to handle it like a pua, I acted like a third grader, asked who thew it and hit him, went back to make sure i got the right guy AND HIT HIM WITH THE CHEEZIT AGAIN! It worked, i got major respect, and it turns out they were doing it to multiple people, and after me, everyone who got hit went over to the idiots and tried to act tough *like me! *

    Fourth, and finally is my overall M3 production (MM) has IMPROVED, I could go from meet, to attract, and SHINE in comfort. However I normally wasn't a strong seduction person, but this week I've been gaming harder than nerds off for summer with a new WOW (world of warcraft)expansion pack (a good friend, but not interested in learning how to be a pua... he's in denial of that he has a problem when it comes to women.... but hes still a good friend, hes there when you need him). But I went back to the good ol newbie mission and did them, but instead of trying to just talk to women, my goal was to turn them on and I did! I was on myspace / aim / aol / etc... using this line, "hey sexy, got that good white stuff on you yet?" to people who were in the GA region (because we got snow and all the major campuses are out!) and my opener was SO GOOD! try it out if you like, but its all about the situation "if your place has no snow, then you cant say snow is what your talking about and girls will freeze you out for being a perv."

    SO right now its like half time, and next week is when I do some SERIOUS gaming on my girl, and will even try to do some bf destroying! Newbie missions = never ending training, and thats my tip for you aspiring PUAs or to PUAs who wanna work on some part of their game (thats rusty)

    This is long, only to reflect the accomplishments I've met this week alone!

    I'll keep you guys in touch

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    Bare_Legs Guest

    Default Re: Help: I think I'm getting gamed, instead of doing the gaming...

    Well at least, all hope is not lost for you. Good luck in the coming week, my friend, and maybe try doing more real life game than online. It's easier to act cocky and smart online, you'd rather you actually improve as a man in real life though.

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    Loner Guest

    Default Re: Help: I think I'm getting gamed, instead of doing the gaming...

    this is a long week, but i posted a new thread about most of it. go here for it

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